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Self Treatment Program

A. Analgesic alternatives - One alternative is Iron Hand Linament. This is very effective at minimizing bruises. It is locally made for martial arts players. You can purchase this at East Earth Trade Winds, 223-4849, in the Hartnell Raley's shopping center next to the military recruiting center.

B. B vitamins for stress, Baldrian and Valerian Root for relaxation.

C. Vitamin C, Collagen for general health and to heal bruising. Comfrey: AKA Knit Bone, Camomile teas for sleep and relaxation.

D. Delayed reaction sprains and strains

E. Energy - trapped in body - relaxation. Electrolytes - muscle twitches, jumping, etc. is okay normal release.

F. Fluids - the body needs them. The best drink is H20.

G. Glycemic index, Good water.

H. Heat - It's better to take a hot shower than hot bath. When you're standing in a shower, some of the muscles that could otherwise relax and swell too much in a hot bath, will stay tight enough to prevent too much inflammation.

I. Ice - Following a hot shower with ice will help even more. It would be great to have some soft ice at home. Frozen peas work pretty well too. Just put a light towel between your skin and the ice and leave on for 18-20 minutes. At 18 to 20 minutes optimal vasoconstriction will have occurred. Removing the ice lets the body warm back up. This allows the vessels to open and bring fresh blood and lymph into the area to optimize healing.

(More to come on this subject soon!)

Stephanie Evans, DC, RPP