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Healing mind, body and spirit using Integral Chiropractic. With over twenty years experience in chiropractic and natural healing, Dr. Evans uses a combination of different treatments. During each visit she chooses which system or systems to use based upon her assessment of your needs.

Dr. Evans thinks of herself as a natural health care family practitioner and health educator. She helps people various conditions and refers when necessary. Over the years, people have been helped for a large range of symptoms, but there is one underlying factor in all situations; STRESS. The body's inability to deal optimally with stress causes problems. She addresses the three major causes of body stress:

  • Bio-mechanical (structural effects of accidents, general wear and tear and the ability to walk and sit comfortably against the forces of gravity). Chiropractors commonly use the term subluxation or fixation when referring to structural bone misalignment.
  • Bio-chemical (getting enough good water, proper nutrition vs. toxins of all sorts).
  • Bio-emotional (good or bad thoughts and emotions have a direct effect on our body. Family, social and spiritual relationships are all possible causes of stress or support).

    In Integral Chiropractic, Dr. Evans combines the latest in neurological understanding using a variety of gentle chiropractic systems and energy oriented body work. All of this is organized in a way to "tune into" what you and your body need to make its next step in natural healing with the goal of releasing old, unhealthy patterns and replacing them with new ones so your body can naturally realign and heal itself.


Bio-energetic Synchronization Technique aka Morter Health Systems, created by Dr. Ted Morter, author of "Your Body Your Health" and featured on some TV shows addressing Ph - the body's need for a balance of acid and alkalizing foods for proper bone strength and alignment.

Applied Kinesiology - A system which can localize the specific muscles that need help to allow proper spinal alignment.

A system which uses specific body motions to discover specific levels of spinal subluxation and treat accordingly with a specific gentle adjusting instrument.

A patented health system which has a very gentle instrument to address a multitude of physical and other problems. Dr. Evans states that she has never seen anything that consistently makes remarkably good changes in scar tissue problems. Pain and scar sensitivity generally stop or minimize greatly in just a few sessions. This health system, created by Dr. Lawrence Newsum, a chiropractor, is the most exciting addition to my chiropractic repertoire I have found in years. For more information visit www.biokineticshealth.com

Sacro Occipital Technique. Dr. Evans uses it to identify and treat various structural problems like sciatica and low back and neck pain as well as arm and leg problems. S.O.T. can also be used to identify cranio-sacral problems. Dr. Evans uses a variety of systems to address this type of problem including a combination of Osteopathic cranial work and polarity therapy.

A system which recognizes the importance of a subtle internal brain and spinal fluid function and its relationship to structural alignment leading to optimal health and well-being or the lack thereof, depending on how well it is working. POLARITY THERAPY:
One of the earliest modern (20th century) approaches to holistic health. Created by Dr. Randolf Stone who was an Osteopath, Chiropractor, Naturopath and midwife, Polarity combines the wisdom of all of these systems with his acquired knowledge of a variety of ancient systems like Indian Ayervedic and Chinese Accupuncture. He found that although working with the physical body was important, it was the related energy flow or blockages that determined ones health or lack of health. He determined that four major factors effected one's energy and consequently one's well-being; exercise, manipulation, nutrition, and clear thinking.
Recent neurology is understanding how movement and subsequent nerve messages to the brain are critical for optimal brain function. Dr. Stone's "Easy Stretching Postures", often called Polarity yoga are designed to effect our energy and physiologic functioning, allowing people to feel more relaxed, grounded and energized at the same time.

As a Chiropractor and Osteopath, Dr. Stone understood the value of moving, stretching and physically pressing on the body to allow for release of stuck patterns. He did this with an understanding of how these "manipulations" effected the body. At other times he simply would hold both hands on the body and allow the energy to do it's work. Dr. Evans uses both of these approaches.

Proper nutrition and hydration (enough good building blocks for cells and water) are considered essential for healing and optimal health. He recommends a vegetarian diet, high in whole, organic fresh fruits and veggies and low in processed foods of all kinds, emphasizing whole grains instead of flour and baked, broiled or steamed foods instead of anything with cooked oil. Coffee, alcohol, soda and sugar would be minimized. The recent understanding of the importance of eating low glycemic index foods supports this idea. Recent scientific research is discovering that just like there are good fats and bad fats, there are good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates. Dr. Stone understood this decades ago.

Dr. Evans does her best to "walk her talk" but not preach. She will do specific tests for the body's ability to deal with sugars and has a treatment which apparently resets the body's ability to deal with refined carbohydrates. This test and Tx comes from a chiropractic system called TBM (Total Body Management). She can also test for Ph to see if someone is too acid, a common problem for folks who eat too much processed foods like breads, pastas, pizza, hamburgers, (fast foods in general) and/or meat. Generally adding more fresh veggies and fruits and cutting down on sodas and coffee, as well as reducing red meat to 3 times per week can have a beneficial effect on one's health.

Dr. Evans' ability to help you while you are in the treatment room helps you make lifestyle changes at home. Changing your way of eating most days of the week should allow you to be healthier and still have "reward meals" at times when you give yourself permission to eat your favorite foods without guilt. Which leads to Dr. Stone's next Health Factor:

Clear Thinking
Many people are familiar with the phrase "As Above, So Below". When we are balanced spiritually, mentally and emotionally, it sets a climate in which the body can thrive. What Dr. Stone understood was, "As Below, So Above". When the body's energies are balanced this helps our spiritual mental and emotional wellbeing. Although she finds it important to look at a person's symptoms, she likes to use a "so what's right with you anyway" approach to build on your strengths as a way to put your problems in a healthier context and release tension. If problems and symptoms could be compared to darkness then what we want to look at is from where do you get the most light in your life? What makes you feel most light? Going between these two can balance the nervous system. This is a basic concept in Somatic Experiencing which is a trauma recovery systems creatied by Peter Levine, Ph.D. www.traumahealing.com

Trauma recovery and prevention is a special area of interest for Dr. Evans. Trauma can be simply defined as what happens when there is too much stress, too fast, leading to overwhelm. Given that each individual's ability to deal with stress is different, what's okay for one person could be too much for another. Dr. Evans does her best to assess the overwhelm factor and give patients tools to help heal old trauma or prevent a traumatic reaction to a new injury. An important and easy-to-read self-help book on the subject is "Crash Course" by Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D. Although it is specifically for automobile accident recovery, the material in it can be used to heal from a wide variety of causes of traumatic response.

Barnes and Noble in Redding has been keeping the book on the shelf for Dr. Evans' patients. You may also get it on line through www.traumasolutions.com. For more information on trauma recovery, please refer to an article by Babette Rothschild, MSW, LCSW, "Applying the Brakes" on her website and click on Publications.

Dr. Evans finds that Bach Flowers as well as some of the the in-office treatment proceedures already mentioned can be invaluable in dealing with "stress" and trauma.

Stephanie Evans, DC, RPP


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